Lefkada, a lush green island standing in the blue vastness of the Ionian Sea, known to most as the neighbour of Rumeli, the nest of the Armatoloi (Christian militia) and the island of poets (Valaoritis, Sikelianos). It has sandy beaches with turquoise waters in the west, beautiful labyrinthine gulfs in the east, and is located very close to mainland Greece. So close in fact, that you simply need to cross a 50-metre floating opening bridge to get to the island quickly and easily.

The town of Lefkada is the capital of the island. Six kilometres south of the town, standing proud at the entrance of the Gulf of Alexandros, is Lygia, the village created by the inhabitants of Katouna village.

Katouna is a very old hamlet, rooted in the hills along the edges of Skaron forest since the Frankokratia period. The laurel plant appears to have prevailed around the village, and its leaves were used as raw material for the gunpowder needed by the Turkish-occupied fort of Agia Mavra, which is encountered just before one gets to the floating bridge.

An easy-to-travel three-kilometre road connects Lygia to Katouna and even goes a little further to the Dafni area just after the village, which is rife with olive trees and laurel plants from the past, as well as Lefkada’s local varieties of onades (pears) and magiomila.


Each villa is spread out across two levels. The first has four (4) bedrooms, each with its own bathroom, and accommodates 8 people. It has a roomy living room with a fireplace, a large veranda that enjoys a full view of the mountain and sea, a spacious dining room and large kitchen. It is equipped with an oven, ceramic stove, fridge, dishwasher, washing machine, tumble dryer and other electrical appliances.

The dining room has a spacious eight-seat table, and the living room is furnished with comfortable couches and armchairs. The bedrooms have en-suite bathrooms and air conditioning; they are spacious and furnished with double or single beds. They are equipped with a television transmitting both satellite and terrestrial channels, as well as wireless internet (Wi-Fi) in all areas, including the balconies, and enjoy a view of the mountain and sea.

The second villa (ground floor and loft) has the same equipment as above. It has 3 bedrooms and can accommodate 6 people.

Ideal for a holiday in nature combined with easy access to the village. Here guests will find the solution they have been dreaming of for their summer recreation.


  • Spacious living room with fireplace, comfortable couches and armchairs
  • Spacious dining room
  • Roomy and fully equipped kitchen (oven, ceramic stove, fridge, electrical appliances, dishwasher)
  • Washing machine and tumble dryer
  • Bedrooms with double or single beds, bathroom and air-conditioning
  • TV transmitting terrestrial and satellite channels
  • Wireless internet (Wi-Fi)
  • Large veranda with a view of the mountain and sea





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